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Cherrybrook - Shropshire Blt - Portable Layout

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1 hour ago, MrWolf said:

I take a lot of photographs as inspiration for my artwork and model making. Your inclusion of a river bridge immediately reminded me of this picture.


Thank you very much for the photo, exactly the sort of scene I am aiming for. I'm sure the photo will be helpful, particularly when I'm looking for colours. 

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I forgot to post yesterday, all but the bridge and the small area beyond it have now got cork. 


I've also attached a backscene, this time an n gauge I'd backscene as the board is only roughly 8" high, I think it Looks very good and adds more depth than a very cut down  00 gauge one would. 




Finally I also marked out the track plan on the cork and dropped some flexi track on to see how the station looks. I've ordered all of the points, however they won't be shipped until they are all in stock, hopefully it won't take too long. 




Here's a shot to test the new backscene. 



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A few photos of the installed bridge. you can see the 3d printed decks either side that will eventually be hidden in the landscaping. The stone work may get some more painting in the future, i just wanted to get the whole thing painted before i glued it in ready for cork to go down.










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If you have anything with outside cylinders, I'm thinking prairie tanks, moguls or 2MTs in particular, check them over it. Another infamous bridge basher is a GWR toad brake van, the foot boards swing out a long way at parapet height. 

I've had the odd issue!

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Thanks for the tip, I modified the kit to be about half way between single and double width deck. No problems so far! 


I've just tried with a 61xx and a toad and all is fine. 






I even tested the 40 and no problems there either. 




I'm just waiting for the tunnel portal to be delivered and I can check that clears too. 



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No worries then. It's not possible for me to properly see how much clearance you have there and I found that if I moved my track as little as 1mm either way it was literally crunch time with the vehicles I listed. Oddly enough, the 4-4-0s that I have missed everything and they were the ones that I thought would give problems.

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