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Bruce Murray - Burntisland's Exhibition Manager (amongst other things)


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Very sorry to hear of the passing of Bruce.  Especially at such a relatively young age.

I’m a bit younger than Bruce and joined the E&LMRC in, I suppose, the late 70s and worked on Glendevon, particularly the extensions.  One of these was the separate extension scene with “Murray’s Ales” and “Carrick Knowe Halt”.  I’m pretty sure I made the “Murray’s Ales” sign (partly because it has a maroon backing) and I suppose the name must have been a nod to Bruce as the builder.

A lot of that work was done with Colin Bain and we named the halt “Carrick Knowe” as Colin lived in that area and I was living nearby.  Unfortunately I don’t remember now a lot about how, as a club, we decided what to do or why such decisions were made.  Perhaps we just got on with it.  I do remember that the cobbles in the yard of the brewery were split lentils stuck down individually!   And that I tried to include a brick repair to the stone over bridge at the halt, I think based on a prototype picture in one of the books available at the time.


Unfortunately I don’t recall who built the buildings on the original Glendevon, it might have been built before I joined.  I would guess that Bruce might have built the station building or the goods shed as part of the original layout.  I’m pretty certain that Colin Bain built the cottages on the scenic extension from the station, based on drawings I found, I think, in the National records office (name maybe wrong) and I remember I built the NB sheep creep and NB platelayers hut from drawings in Model Railways for that section.


Apologies for going off on reminisces about Glendevon etc.  My condolences to Bruce’s family and his friends in the model railway world.

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I would just like to add a few words as a tribute to my long time friend Bruce Murray.  He was far too young for us to be loosing him.


I first met Bruce in the mid 70's at the Edinburgh and Lothians MRC and we formed a life long friendship.  I drifted away from model railways in the early 1980's when work and family commitments took hold, but we always kept in touch; (I also I have many happy memories of everyone at the E & L MRC.  I learned a great deal there about life, acquiring plenty of practical skills and making friendships.  I hope the club find some new club rooms when things get back to normal).


I found Bruce a very interesting person, with a broad knowledge of the world, with plenty of opinions, great practical skills and a wonderful dry sense of humour.  We had many holidays together in the late 70s and 80s with different groups of friends, and these holidays included skiing, a never to be forgotten train venture to Italy, canal holidays and railway visits.


I last met Bruce in January 2019 when Burntisland was on display at Alexandra Palace, indeed a few of the old E & L stalwarts met up there that day.  Burntisland is a tremendously impressive layout (which I hope to see again some time) and I am sure that Bruce made a significant contribution to its development.  I certainly had the full run down one evening from Bruce over a beer and curry on the best way to pack the van with his CAD drawings!


I know that Bruce and Bethan made a tremendous couple and he will be much missed by Bethan and the extended family.  We will all have our memories.


Malcolm Crawford March 2021


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