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Lisneal Road

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Hi everyone, First time posting on this site, Layout name has also been changed from Rachelstown, hope this will be of interest to someone, I've attached some pictures of the changes I’ve been doing. Long story short the Layout Lisneal Road TMD has now been incorporated into my main layout, one pic shows the old storage/cement yard now removed and replaced by the Lisneal Road. I found it a struggle trying to maintain two Layouts so decided to put both together. The pictures with new are the changes made

layout 102.jpg

new 4.jpg

new 1.jpg

layout 143.jpg

layout 139.jpg

layout 108.jpg

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Also welcome to the Group Raymond, glad you made it at last.  I know you have lots of pictures to post of your layouts and I'm looking forward to seeing them. What about one of your videos?

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Hi all

Just a quick update showing recent vehicle additions and using up left over bits and pieces of plastic parts and card to make up part of depot stores and signals workshops and stores. Also a quick peek at some new signals and gantries I’m constructing using plastic card, left over ratio parts and some scale model scenery walkways, with all working signals. Just have a little more work to do on some parts, then fit and connect to control panel,

Thanks for looking in

new b.jpg

new a.jpg

new c.jpg

new d.jpg

new e.jpg

new f.jpg

new g.jpg

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Hi All

Quick update on layout progress thus far, signals and gantry’s fitted, wired and tested to panel ready for connection, some home made signage added, and ballasting started, see attached pictures.

LN 66.jpg

LN 67.jpg

LN 68.jpg

LN 69.jpg

LN 70.jpg

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Looking very good now - it was good before.  I like the green box mountain to the rear and the wagons on the shelves look a good fleet of irish stock - makes my collection of wagons look small - but really I ought to finish some more. 

Thanks for showing 


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