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My almost correct chop shop, 127 DPU update

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Not much to report, as waiting for warmer weather to spray in undercoat to see how much more rub `n` fill needed, then it will just be the window blanking plates to add.


Whilst waiting on the weather, some triang mk1 in G*R C&C have given their lives for my next project. The first bodysides are setting as I type.


And I have not forgot about the TP unit, the bits I needed to carry on have arrived.

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On 02/05/2021 at 11:26, cheesysmith said:

As I am awaiting parts to continue with my TP DMU, a quick diversion for a 127 DPMU from a lima DMU. First some prototype photos taken a few years ago at the midland railway centre.







If you look at the photos, the roller shutter door needs to be the same size as one window and door, luckly that is the difference between the 117 and 127, so with a little cut and shut it would give us the needed bodyside layout.

Didn’t look in such a good condition when saw it in 2019. Wish the engines/torque converter had been on it. I know it’s a bit late but did measure the roller shutter door (75.75” wide and 51.5” from the next door to the right)


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Quick update, not a lot to report as waiting on the weather for the fill `n` rub cycle. Because of this, I will be cracking on with the TP and a extra unit I have decided to build, so when the weather improves there will be photos.

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Just to prove I have not stopped, here is a quick update.




This is a 113 DMU, made using  trix roof and end, because they match the slightly undersize roof on the MTK cast cab. The sides are cut`n`shut triang.




I decided to make a Derby heavyweight (107) TSL from bits I had left over from my cut`n`shut of two 108 bodies into a 114. Easiest way to tell the difference is the doors to windows. On the alloy lightweight units the top of the door lines up with the top of the windows. On the Derby steel built heavyweight units, the windows are slightly higher so they don`t line up at the top any more.




So, cut the doors off the DC kits sides, and add a 1mm strip along the bottom edge. Blend it in with file etc. Then re-assemble with the doors aligned with the new bottom edge.




The doors are now lower than the top of the windows. True, the sides are now 1mm too high, but I can live with that. The other option would be to remove 1mm from the top of the sides, not for me as too much chance to slip whilst cutting.


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  • cheesysmith changed the title to My almost correct chop shop, Derby heavyweight TSL





And complete body. Am I going to model a 107, probably not. But the 120s used in England did use different centre trailer cars, including one at Chester that used a 107 TSL (IIRC the only one to escape Scotland). 

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No, I am not modelling Vic Berrys. These are the pile of bodies waiting better weather.


On the bottom are the 2 115 DMBS and the 114.


Middle are the early lightweights, the 107 TSL and the 120s.


Row above is the 113 and might be a 112 (not decided yet).


Top is my 127 DPMU.


I keep them on top of my work bench to remind me to get on with them when the weather allows. If I boxed them up, it would be too easy to forget them.

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Quick update. The 113 has had filler added to the roof as not happy about the cab joint there.


Have been using the brief good weather to get some sprays out.




Ignore the bleed under the masking tape, but this was a quick experiment. The top was blue then grey, the bottom was grey then blue. Depending on how I mask up, I think the blue then grey will be easier to do.


And one of my 105 is now in plain blue.


More to follow when i CBA.

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My latest project.




A silver fox cab, trix sides, triang doors/roof/end combo. Adding the 1mm strip to the bottom of the trix sides makes them the same size as the doors off the triang/Hornby sides.




As this photo of the reverse of the sides shows the different sections used.


With a bit of good weathers later this week, may yet have photos of it properly undercoated. 

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  • cheesysmith changed the title to My almost correct chop shop, TP DMC

Next in my cut`n`shut que is this MBS




Sides and doors laid out awaiting glue




Assembled onto the triang/Hornby roof and ends. I did say I would show the good and the bad, so




OOOps, reminder to self, check the side against a uncut side removed from the original coach. This turned out about 2mm short.




A few bits of 2mm x 1mm strip




Error fixed.




And this is it after primer added. Please with how this actually turned out. Just one body side join needing filling and rubbing, plus the end with the strip needs doing. Best bit, the 1mm strip along the bottom did not need any filler, just rubbed down using a file to blend it with the bottom of the sides after it had set.

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  • cheesysmith changed the title to My almost correct chop shop, some paint at last

Due to the wonderful weather we have, I have managed to get the paints out.




Here is the 120 going through the paint shop. The fronts on these are a pain to mask as the line between the roof and the yellow front is between the destination box and the top marker light. Notice the left one. This will need touching up at a later date.




My 113 is going to be small yellow end ad a extra yellow end. Was not sure of this, and was thinking i might have to start again, but has come out ok with paint added.




And finally, my 114 made out of cut`n`shut 2 108 kits.


the 114 and 120 are planned to go blue/grey, but that will come later, after more practice lol.

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  • cheesysmith changed the title to My almost correct chop shop, 127 DPU update

Well, here is a quick update on the 127.


Some 20thou was cut to make window blanks, then glued into place.




Then undercoated.




I did say I would show the good with the bad. Faults here are the water filler on the body side is in the wrong place as the sides were moved in the cut`n`shut. The window blanks should have rounded ends, but I was not bothered lol. Also, if I had a body shell to use, I could have changed the guards doors to a pair of outwards opening ones, only three sets retained the inwards opening guards door. 


Saying all the above, it does look like what it is supposed to be, so I am happy with progress so far.

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Quick update. I did say that 8 of the 11 127 DPU had a pair of outward opening doors to the ex guards compartment, so I found a pair of lima DMU bodies I had kept and attacked them with the cutter.




I have two more bodies, so may make a second pair. I have also filled the water filler that is in the wrong place (did the 127 even gain the above sole bar water filler in the bodyside? More photo search required).

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