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I am trying to programme a pair of 20s. Not the latest version but the ones that were in a set, the Triple grey Sound ones. I am trying to run them back to back as per prototypical running. I am using a Dynamis, have set both to the same address, but no matter how I configure them they go in opposite directions. I dont want to use the consist function as I will not be running them on my layout with the Dynamis. I havent yet figured how to programme with my Digitrax controller. (i'm not very good with DCC controllers)

Any suggestions please

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You will ultimately have to program one of the decoders to essentially invert the command to go forward - I have done this but I have forgotten how (not much help, I know).  It's not that difficult per se but I wonder whether this inquiry would get more responses on the DCC threads?

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You can change the direction by changing CV29. 


CV29 is quite a complex CV if you're not comfortable with DCC, see https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/rightlines-article/Unravelling-CV29.html.


However, the direction is the easiest bit to change. I'm not familiar with Dynamis or Digitrax controllers, but what you need to do :


Read the value of CV29

If it is an odd number, subtract one else (if it is an even number), add one

Write the result of the above maths back to CV29.


That will invert the direction of travel. The bigger challenge may be getting the two to speed match so that they are not fighting each other.

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Change the direction of one of them then both the same code number.

Then speed match on parallel tracks.

Then either retain the same code number or revert one to its original number and run as a consist.




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