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Oakford - loft Layout


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Hi all.

I am just venturing into my first large layout.
I have build 2 OO gauge micro layouts (as can be seen on the micro layouts section of the forum) and finally got the permissions (from the powers that be) to go up into the loft.
Whilst the loft itself requires a fair bit of stuff doing, just a general tidy as well as when we moved here we just bunged a load of stuff up into the loft and left it there for 15 years.

I am based in the North West of England, bordering on Wales. Our local railway line is known as the Borderlands Line, I tend to keep my modelling area round that sort of place, my modelling era is late sectorisation, so think dutch engineers stock, regional railways passenger stuff, and possibly some IC as well.

The loft itself is approximately 20x16 but unfortunately I am only  allowed to use about 10x8, its a bit more unusual than that as due to the chimney I have a space that is 130" on the long side, but 100" on the other (8'4")  by 116" and 68" with 32" taken out by the chimney itself.


I was always told to plan out what I am wanting to do railway wise, so here it goes.

Twin track mainline

Station to hold 5+1 train of mk1 or mk2 coaches 

Bay platform
small TMD

TMD shed to be twin track and hold a pair of coaches or a 2 car DMU (158 length)
Rolling hillside on one side of the layout
Through running fiddle yard


*I forgot this first time round*
I have been allowed use of an extra 1' of the loft on the right hand side, this has become my fiddle yard.
I will also be using open frame baseboards for this construction so I can have undulating scenery.

I have had a go at bashing some plans down and seeing how I feel about it.


The station is long enough to hold a 5+2 train if needed or a 6+1, the middle line in the station would be bi-directional, allowing faster trains to pass the station without stopping, express services, and freight to not cause a nightmare for passenger stuff in the station.

There would be a scenic break at the top going through a city tunnel of 10cm or so then exiting onto the right hand side which would be the purely countryside hill area, also being used as the station approach.

I have lots of photos of areas I want to mode, or use as inspiration for it and include, it is a totally fictitious l setting, but on the borderlands area of the network.

I have kept the curves at no less than 3rd radius, but it would be done in code 75 flexi.
The plan is to wire it for DCC but with the sections ready done for possible automation, but for now just basic DCC is what I am aiming for.


From my previous layout (Oakford Lane) I have a large amount of dutch engineers stock, which I want to continue to run in trains which I can now, I also want to expand into to other freight. Where I live Dee Marsh yard is not far and Shotton steel. I have decided to put together a rake of about 9 steel wagons, it will be the longest train on the layout but I think worth it.
I was happy to see Cavalex have announced a new run on the BBA wagons, I will get 4 of them, and then top the rest of the train up with a couple of BAA from Bachmann and a kit or 2 from Cambrian Kits, It will also require a class 60 to pull it, but I can get away with a 37 or 2 for now.

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A couple of questions and comments .


1. What is the track on the left for? If it is a bay platform, then there is no route for trains to depart and get onto the right line, unless they run wrong line back to the junction wit the fiddle yard.


2. If you have an interest in engineers stock, have you considered replacing the MPD with some engineers sidings? It may add more operating interest. For many years train companies have tried to cut back on the number of depot facilities, so unless there is a major source of freight traffic or there are lots of trains that terminate at the station, there would be little point of having a depot alongside the station.


Hope this helps with your layout planning.




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The line on the left is for a bay, it may need a small alteration to allow for units to go onto the up line but some level of reversing would always have to take place if that's the case. 


I could argue that small section of track between the fiddle yard junction and the station is bi-directional as well? It would also allow for dmus to run into the tmd from the bay then. 



I have done engineers sidings on my previous layout, this time I really do have my heart set on a TMD, I know a lot fell out of use by the time I am modelling but still being a freelance layout I can get away with having one. 


Thanks for the comment

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Nothing major for the layout has changed since the OP but I have started a job on rolling stock which I have be putting off for months.

I finally started to strip back the horrific factory weathering on the 4 Heljan Dogfish wagons I got back in 2019.
I did originally intend to model an earlier time period than I do currently so I bought them in Olive rather than Dutch, I wanted to reweather them anyway but I now decided to do a full respray. I know I could have just sold these 4 and buy the dutch liveried ones but I have made modifications to these to fix the droopy couplings.

So on Thursday I left the wagons, only the hoppers as the rest is chassis and staying black, in a bath of IPA.
The weathering was so thick and held on like nothing I have seen before it has taken this long to soften it to be able to take only the weathering off.


I have cleaned up the weathering off them all and have left them back in the IPA overnight to see if that helps soften the livery application layer more.

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