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Peckett 933 "Henry Cort" - photograph sought

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Hi All, 


Just a quick request, does anyone have a photograph showing the rear of the cab of Peckett 933 "Henry Cort" as preserved at Foxfield please? 


I'm trying to determine lamp iron placement and also any other fittings which may be present (in her rebuilt state). My kit build of this loco is almost there, but I want to make sure it's 100% before I start throwing paint around. 


Many thanks 


Paul A. 

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That'd be very good of you, thank you.


It's just the rear of the cab I'm after - from memory I think there's some hooks for a shunter's pole and a few other bits.


State of play of the model is below (4mm, CSP kit). I've almost reached the point where I can put the soldering iron away...




Paul A. 

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