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Concern About KR Models


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Concerns About KR Models.

I wish to record  a serious concern about KR Models and the roll-out of the GT3 model. I would be interested to know of other customers have had difficulties with this operation?

Briefly, they appear to have a major disconnect between their accounting and logistics systems.

In my case: my order was accepted on 11 June 2020 (their records).
The order was dispatched on 19 March and delivered on 9 April to my address in France.

In late 2020 I moved to Spain and failed to notify KR Models. Entirely my error.

The parcel was returned by La Poste France and the purchaser of my former home confirmed this.

When KR notified me of the return , I apologised profusely and stated that I would pay all re-delivery costs.

Imagine my surprise when KR Models replied:

“ We have your shipping receipt, but it's your original receipt for your purchase we would need to process your order.”

I pointed out that the parcel had arrived and been returned.

At this point KR changed their tune and stated:

“Our records don't show having a purchase.”

Finally KR stated “we may have made an error” and demanded proof of purchase!

I am left with two conclusions: KR Models have a problem handling their accounting and logistics or they have not been honest. I believe the former to be the case.

However I parted with over €300 with nothing to show for it.

Has anyone else had problems with this trader?



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Agreed - send them whatever proof of purchase you have and that should sort it. They are reasonable folks and from from your initial post it seems that they agree that the problem could be on their end as well. They are actually much better at customer service than most - give them a chance to resolve


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