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Anyone Remember the Stafford Show 2013?


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This is a bit of a long shot, but it's worth a try.


I believe at the 2013 Stafford show, there was a demonstrator / display of O gauge trams by Ian Thompson. If I've got this correct, would anyone happen to have any photos of the display during the event?


Thanks in advance.

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I’m not aware of any photographs of Ian Thompson O Gauge Trams in the club exhibition archives.


 However If you PM with your contact details I could ask Ian to make contact with you.


Hope that helps 



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Thanks for the input everyone. I did think it would be a bit of a long shot to find a photo.


No need for the contact details, thanks, as I've already got those. I was hoping a photo would show a particular tram that was part of the display at the time.


Thanks again.

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