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Detailing a Gresley A3. German smoke deflectors etc.

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Hello all.

I've just started modelling locos after a pause of 25 years.

I want to detail a A3 but by the time I purchase smoke deflectors.. nameplate...headlamps. .chimney.....

buffers... brass knobs ...decals..and other bits it could put me back £100 or more. So being a tight "jock" I thought I would have a go at scratching some of the items.

Number 1. 

German smoke deflectors done using brass and wire. 

Saved myself £10 at least


What next ?  Etching nameplate or headlamps...

Ta john




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Looks great, John. After a quarter century you don't show a bit of rust!


Silver Tay Models on eBay do some fine looking nameplates/numberplates all in one etch. Unless you have the equipment to do that sort of thing yourself, of course.



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Posted (edited)

Hello Matt. I like the challenge and I m good at crafting things.

I've read all the different techniques and have decided to have a go.

I've purchased a few Tay Model nameplates recently and they are really good. There is a couple of simple techniques that I'm going to try. First one will be using electrolysis. Metal sacrifice in an acid solution. Simple and cheap.  It's just getting the text on the brass that's the hard bit... I m knocking up an A2 at the moment from bits and pieces. Mostly scratch.. A self made nameplate for it would be an achievement.   I don't run locos at the moment just refurbishing some for my lads that i messed about with years ago. An A2..A3..A4...Deltic and a scratch Type 17 Clayton. 

See how it goes

Ta john


Scratched the clayton in 1995...refurbishing it now




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