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Norfolk Southern SD80MAC across America

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I just wondered if anyone knows if the NS SD80MACs ever made it into other railroad consists.


I suppose more specifically, UP and BNSF or did the literally spend there life heavy hauling within NS territory. 


I've done a search and can only see them on the home lines. 



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So there really are 2 questions in your query that matter if (as I assume) you are approaching this from a modeller perspective.


1) NS SD80MAC's used on the UP or BNSF - can't answer this, though a quick search turns up nothing.  Like anything though that isn't definitive - maybe there was no one around to take a picture and post it...


2) could a NS SD80MAC be used on the the UP or BNSF - this is a bit easier to answer, as the question is yes if the circumstances happened.  It may well be the SD80MAC's wouldn't be the first choice of either NS or the borrowing railroads, but it is plausible enough that if you want to do it in model form it likely wouldn't be wrong.

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Posted (edited)

One escaped from the regular coal traffic and was seen on a unit oil train on the BNSF Racetrack in Chicago, seen here at Downers Grove. Note that the leading unit is the NS Reading Heritage unit:


Bee Line Service




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