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LNER Oil Lamp - Does anyone recognise this type?

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Does anyone recognise this lamp, and it’s purpose.


It is embossed LNER on the top along with a number (serial?). There is a makers plate as shown. 

pictured beside a BR tail lamp for scale. 









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It drops inside the casting that is bolted to the post on a semaphore signal. They were changed every 7 days, so that they were lit all the time..

The outer lamp had a bullseye lense (clear glass) that projected the lamp through the semaphores coloured lenses 


They were also used in level crossing lamps.


Andy G

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The coloured glass is on the signal arm itself.  Signal lamps only need clear glass front and back.  

It  is placed into a fixed lamp casting attached to the signal post which has a lens forward to align with the signal glass and a small bullseye lens to the rear for the backlight,  (allows a visual check that the lamp is lit).  Clear glass on all 4 sides would allow the  lamp to be placed in the casting without any need to ensure it is in any specific alignment.



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Oh I see!  I thought you meant signal lamp as in for line side signalling by a worker or for the guard to signal from the van, but you mean an actual semaphore signal. 

yes okay that makes sense with the red and blue lenses on the arm. 

thanks very much for that. 

my other half’s father found it in his shed. 






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Because it has an M embossed on the tank it is for a main signal. In addition one corner of the tank will be different to the others. The lamp case will have a segment in one corner to ensure the lamp can only go in one way round. I can post a picture of a lamp case of required.  


Shunt signals require a lamp embossed with an S.

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