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Curved engine sheds

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Having searched the Web and spoke with a fair few I am at a loss for any info at all!

My question is could you have a curved running shed in the steam period, country or gauge doesn't matter. Not a repair shed I.e. not one with an overhead crane or where locos may be disassembled etc.  Just a single road through shed where day to day servicing and storage would be done. The curve doesn't need to be tight either, e.g. +4 chains.

Further to which if not! then for what reason?

I can see, lot's of reasons for not working on locos unless they are straight but for storage and cleaning i see none? 

Building the structure would not be any great concern either, I've worked on plenty of bent buildings most of which weren't meant to be  lol. But they got built regardless

Any authoritive comment, or a lead to a prototype example will be much appreciated.

This is leading directly to a model and not just a passing interest so assistances will be of great help.

Cheers mark

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The passenger loco shed at 85A Worcester.... Can’t post a link but google images and you will find it.



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