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First micro n gauge Harrier fun layout.

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Hello all.  Decided that I  would have a  go with my first n gauge micro layout.   Never played with n gauge as it was so expensive but going to get the EFE type 17 that I watched as a boy up Edinburgh area.  I thought that I  would scratch all the buildings and have a go at all aspects of the scenary that I have never done before. Last time was 40 years ago.

I did not have a theme so I just plodded on aimlessly. ..  I  have now decided to put a Harrier detachment of some harriers and supporting personnel in the  diorama. I'm am now at a loss to see what other buidings or features to put in the right hand side of the scene. None of the buildings are fixed. Any ideas what I could add to the scene. I put 2 cardboard harrier shapes in while I wait for my 1/144 Harriers to turn up.

Ta john.

Note.  I've never done foliage..painting rocks...or tracks..and the rest ever. Picking up info from here and other sites.



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It's all scratch...so.. I  need some groundcrew.

N gauge figures cost a fortune... So going to have a go at making 1/2" figures.  2 pieces of gardening wire superglued in middle. Sprinkle baking powder on middle body then add drop of superglue. Chemical reactions creates basically glass body. So easy to shape appendages without it breaking apart. Head to be added.  Note super glue added to baking powder gets really hot....but good for repairing things. Build up figures with glue and drop it in a pile of powder then add glue.  Clean up and paint  Ta john


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Hello all. Been busy scratching buildings together and had a go at polystyrene cliffs. Warning... fumes from superglue and foam gave me a bit of a sore throat and chest as  I thought I had enough ventilation.  Silly old Burger. ..ha ha  just waiting for diesel to arrive  ta john


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ta scottish locos.  Chose 17 as I  remember seeing them at wallyford east lothian. 2 harriers...one hovering with ground support vehicles.  Basically because I am ex raf groundcrew. Have really enjoyed scratching buildings...don't know about scatching vehicles...maybe give it a go.

ta John 

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