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Interesting and inspiring photos from Flickr....

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I wondered why there was a bloke in the middle of the track with two grazing flamingos, but on second thoughts I think he's actually decided to stand in the four-foot with a wheelbarrow, while the photographer gets his head under a black cloth and takes a long-exposure photo ....... which doesn't seem very H&S-aware to me.


Its a great photo, though.


Who is/was John Law? I guess a collector, rather than a photographer, unless he was/is immensely long-lived.

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14 hours ago, Nearholmer said:

Who is/was John Law? I guess a collector, rather than a photographer, unless he was/is immensely long-lived.

He's a very prolific poster with (at the time of writing) 883 pages on Flickr, the favourinte subjects being pubs/microbreweries, buses and trains. His own profile states: Beer, buses, railways, more beer, canals, even more beer. That about sums me up!


Some of the pictures are his own; the majority seem to be collected.


There are some that I feel I've seem published before, for instance this one (could it be my Maurice Earley?):

berks - gwr 4-6-0 passing twyford sig box distant view


And this is a very famous image, perhaps by the Rev A.H.Malan

avon - gwr broad gauge uphill jcn


There ares several much-published photos of the Welsh HIghland:

gwyedd - ffestiniog rly palmerston at tryfan junction whr 1924


The the sources are never acknowledged. I would guess that they are from some well known library such as LGRP or Lens of Sutton

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Great pictures - especially the first two.  NIR Hunslet on a spoil train and a Class 70 mixed combo, both taken at Glynn, which is just south of Larne.


The second photo with its red and blue-striped BR Freightliner containers on single flat wagons has given me some ideas...





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16 minutes ago, montyburns56 said:

Cambrian Railway 1108 Oswestry by John Law


salop - cambrian rly 4-4-0 1108 oswestry



That's a Great Western numberplate, so this must be shortly after the Grouping. This was formerly Cambrian No.85.


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On 08/10/2021 at 19:40, Nearholmer said:

From the description on that site, my bold:



Railway Company : Private Owner Special Traffic/Nuclear Fuel

Private Owner : Shepherd Neame

Subject Type : Goods Vans



I know they make strong beers, but that's an unkind description.

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That last one set me exploring "TrainsAndTravel's" albums https://www.flickr.com/photos/trains-travel/albums and I was particularly taken with his views of the Jugoslav narrow gauge on an LCGB tour in 1966. I've always been fascinated by these lines having caught a glimpse of the very last of them from a passing train in 1980.


Although on 76cm gauge, these lines were no rural feeders, they were intensively worked main lines, single track and with rack sections. I think they were some of the most amazing railways in the world. I'd love to see someone model them, especially if there were locos with working Klose gear.


Along the River Bosna


Passing JŽ class 83 0-8-2 at Dreznica


JŽ 0-6+4 rack engine at Konjic


Climbing between Gabela and Hutovo


JŽ class 83 0-8-2 climbing above Sumet


Close up of the Klose system


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