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Eastnate Dairy - OO gauge in an ice-cream tub

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On 03/07/2021 at 23:34, TechnicArrow said:


Thank you! I'm glad you asked, you reminded me I haven't posted in a little while...


At some point earlier this week, I finally got around to the ground cover. I started by painting the (visible) sides of the rails and the bufferstop a browny-rust colour, and then added liberal mounts of dilute PVA and grey ash around the sleepers. The hardstanding is still the scalescenes printed surface texture, on a few layers of card to build up the thickness a little.

Whilst I was at the layout I also modified the bridge slightly; I moved the brick parapet forward of the girder rather than behind it, and sloped the front face back a little so the lid can still fit on the tub properly.

Finally, a few photos - this time with the trusty 04, which I don't think has made an appearance yet. I think one of the reasons I really enjoy this loco is the splash of green, yellow and red it brings to an otherwise very brown/grey scene; although this particular layout isn't too bad with the prominent blue doors and signage.







I really enjoy this view across both tracks, although it's only possible when there isn't a van there. I might build a half-a-wagon, to provide the soft view-block under the bridge but also retain some open track.






That's all for now. There's not much left to do really; I need to add a left-hand building of some sort, and a roof to the dairy which will be incredibly complex to fit with the curve of the tub. And then at some point I've got to add a fiddle-stick and auto-run system, but I expect that'll be a project Dad can help with when I'm at home over summer.

This look great! Brilliant micro modelling.

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Thanks @Jerry1975, @Nathaniel, @Karl & @Ian Holmes; I'm glad you've enjoyed it as much as I have building it!


As an aside, I've been doing some tidying recently - so rate my shelf!



Featuring dioramas Eastnate Diary and Paper Cutting (I really need to fix the wiring on that one, the flashing LED doesn't work), as well as some N-scale static models, a custom LEGO Ivatt 2MT, and plenty of postcards...


Looking at Paper Cutting again has reminded me I've got some more present-day figures and vehicles that don't quite "fit" on the main layout, and the tidy-up has resulted in a little more shelf space, so maybe it's about time I built another one...

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Once again you have excelled in creating an ultra micro out of ... well ... next to nothing!


Might I make a suggestion? Could you find a suitable interior photo from off the web to put inside your building, to give the impression of depth? John Wiffen did that for the inside of his industrial boxfile kit; something suitably murky with perhaps a hint of tank ends and pipework might do it!




This image might be better flipped horizontally!






All the above images were found with a Google search for "milk bottling plant vintage", cropped and recoloured as a suggestion. NB I do not have rights to these images and there may be issues with copyright - will remove if requested!


If you decided to make it an ice cream factory instead of a diary, couldn't you alternate milk tanks (incoming) with refrigerated containers and/or vans (outgoing)? Plus an excuse for an Oxford ice cream (delivery) van on your hard standing!




All the best

Steve S




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Thanks @SteveyDee68 for your very kind words, and excellent suggestions.


I always had a vague plan to put *something* inside the factory, I just never really thought about it and so it hasn't happened yet! That first picture looks perfect though; I might have to have a dig around to see what I can find.

And as for the vans - I might park a refrigerated van on the front siding; if I find a kit one, I could leave off the buffers and one end so it can sit a little further under the bridge. And that ice-cream van is exactly what I need - the hardstanding was added with the intention to pose a road vehicle of some form, but I was so busy looking at milkfloats I managed to skip the ice-cream van!

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