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Charity for model railway items

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Either a local preservation society or model railway club.  I'm always willing to accept donations on behalf of my own club, and I'm sure there will be one near you to.

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The New Mills and District Railway Modellers collect model railway items to sell on behalf of Blythe house Hospice; some online and some at exhibitions. Over £100,000 has been raised over about 20 years.


See nmdrm.co.uk and follow Blythe House Information



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Don't give them to a charity shop,  unless you can guarantee they are going to send them for auction or put them on their eBay store.



I heard of one recently that had loads of model railway stuff and diecast cars donated and it was all in the bin the next day. I wish I would have known at the time as I would have liberated it.


I work in a charity shop. I just wouldn't recommend giving certain items to them. Model railways is one.





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Barrie Davies on You Tube has started a charity for disabled railway modellers. You can get through to him through his channel on You Tube.


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I haven't bought Railway Modeller for many years  but there used to be a regular classified ad from a Retired Police Sergeant collecting items for a charity - can't remember which one. Wonder if he's still active?

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Hi Brian I am sure you have the likes of the old Dart Valley Railway at Buckfastleigh or even  the likes of Launcston Steam Railway may be able to help you out, there are a few modellers at the later worth giving them a ring.


If not give the 009 society a ring as they sell model railway bits for members, recently they have had a few collections given to them to sell you end up with some cash and the world of modelling gets you unwanted items.


Another place to try would be Rails of Sheffield as they sell second hand models.


Colin Rainsbury 

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