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GWR Centenary stock - adding sliding vents to windows

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I have perused all 96 pages of this forum, looking at any topic that might vaguely offer information, and have drawn a complete blank, so have had to resort to asking a new question...


I understand that the GWR Centenary coaches produced by Airfix feature the original window style, but would like to alter them to sliding vent types (as they were themselves altered in reality). However, nowhere can I find where anybody has done this or any trade products to assist with this.


I have found metal etches available of Mark I coach windows, but I imagine that the Centenary stock is a different shape...


Has anybody undertaken this "upgrade" and if so, how did they do it?


Does anybody produce etches for window surrounds and sliding vents to change the Airfix windows? (I don't want to do a replacement side, just the windows!)


I understand that the newer Hornby model is the same as the earlier Airfix models, other than the chassis is a half and half mix of the brake and open coach on different sides, making it incorrect for either!


Any help or advice gratefully received - I've got myself a little rake to sort out!



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Do you mean sliding vents rather than toplights?


Toplights were windows above the main window like on this one and were more or less obsolete by the time these were built.




I'm afraid it's probably using the Comet sides. 






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22 hours ago, Steamport Southport said:

Do you mean sliding vents rather than toplights?


Ah, yes, so I did! Thanks for correcting me!


Fortunately none of the posts I have looked at have mentioned those either!


3 hours ago, Steamport Southport said:

I am still wondering whether anyone did do replacement frames that would fit. Even if they are meant for something else.


That is also what I hope - especially if anyone has done it and can say "Use the X kit by Y manufacturer"!


I am guessing that the Centenary stock windows are not the same size as Mark I coach windows - if they are, then I have found etched windows available.


If all else fails, I guess I might need to talk to some etchers?!



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Some of the small suppliers who do etched components might be prepared to do the etches for you if you can provide accurate dimensions / drawings /etc and they feel the components may be marketable more widely.


You have to accept the latter decision is theirs and theirs alone to take obviously...it's their time, effort, willingness to do prototyping until the product is "right" and stocking we are talking about here.


Silver Tay Models (he's on eBay) did some small pieces for me that now form part of his range of etched components.  He's a very nice chap, a genuine enthusiast and I have no connection other than as a satisfied occasional customer.

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