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Heljan Cl47 chassis sides


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Does anyone know where I might get a Cl47 chassis side from?


My layout has been a long time getting to an even vaguely runnable state which means I've finally unboxed some locos that I bought a while back. This Cl47  turns out to have an assembly error where one of the chassis sides is the wrong type (ie the steps are not under the doorway) resulting in the clearance against the central underslung box area being inadequate. This means the chassis side gets forced off after a while and that running in one direction it derails.


Buying another loco to get a four quid part is ridiculous but I couldn't locate any online. Wondering if anyone has one ?  I just need the one that goes under the right hand cab ie steps on right hand end



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I had seen this. It's part number 18 which GM show as "unconfirmed" . I will email but not too optimistic. 


I was wondering whether anyone had a Cl47 where the body had exploded or it was in some other way scrap and this part is available. Happy to pay postage of course



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