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Frodingham diesel depot (Scunthorpe)

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Hello everyone 


in 1960 to 1990 late Frodingham diesel depot (Scunthorpe) near British steel site by any diesel locomotives hauled empty or full of scrap metal for Scunthorpe or steel for export or customers orders in UK while for more fuel or service by next duties 


Thank you 

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If I understand your post, you want to know the duties of locos from the depot at Frodingham?

Firstly, it's allocation was around 6 class 08 shunters. No mainline diesels.

But it was a signing on point for the main line, and did servicing, fuelling and stabling for main line locos.

It saw many from Immingham, Tinsley and Holbeck, with occasional visitors from further away, even Canton occasionally.

Duties ranged from the shuttle from Immingham docks to the steel works for both iron ore and coal, coal for export, and finished steel from the works. Invthe 70's it had two duties for a single class 20, one at the CCW tip at Barnftby, one at the bottom of GunHouse bank for banking.


If you search for my photo thread on here there are many photos taken at Frodingham, from early 70's to closure.

Locos seen came from classes 20, 24, 25, 31, 37, 40, 45, 46, 47, 56, 60.

Once a 26 visited on its way to a show at Spalding. 

I visited at least weekly.

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There's a plan of Frodingham depot in the "On Shed" book Volume 3 "Eastern Region Southern Section".


(Kelsey Media "Railways of Britain" series published 2018).

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