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Hornby M7 - recently fitted with currently available decoder

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I appreciate this model has been around quite a while and I have read as much as I could find on the subject of decoder fitting an M7 - including the Bromsgrove guides.


Unfortunately, most non sound DCC conversions seem to have been achieved using decoders that are no longer available.


I’m happy to chop wires, hard wire etc etc but would welcome advice from more experienced colleagues on how best to proceed.


As I mentioned in the title, I’m looking for a simple tiny chip that would do the job and is available now.


The non working Hornby chip that was in the s/h loco I’ve just acquired measured 17 x 10 x 4.  I think it was factory fitted and was mounted on the side of the chassis, with tightly coiled harness to the forward fixed 8 pin socket


Suggestions  would be gratefully received.

thank you



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What you need is the Zimo MX617 which is £20 from most retailers including Coastal DCC who have it in stock. 


They have the 6-pin wired decoder so you'd need to cut off the plug and hard-wire it, but I found with mine (using a Lenz decoder) that the bulk of the wiring loom made it difficult to get the body back on once disturbed. Removing the 8-pin socket and wiring loom made the fitting easy. 

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Thank you to everyone for their suggestions.


I got an MX617 with harness from Kevin at Coastal and just replaced the 6pin plug with an 8pin.


I only have a small layout so didn’t feel the potential loss of traction by fitting decoder in a side tank would be a problem for me.  Though I appreciate that the alternative mounting point would better suit other modellers requirements.



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