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Class 47 headcode box MU socket’s

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On Saturday, I saw 47828 along with 47614, on the return working from Scarborough to Potters Bar Statesman Rails excursion.  I was really taken by how good it looks and thought about modelling it.  I was wondering if anyone does the orange MU socket that’s on the former head code box in OO scale?



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On 19/07/2021 at 03:41, cheesysmith said:

IIRC Heljan Di them with their class 47 model.


Correct, I used a pair to detail the bufferbeams of my Heljan dark green Falcon. However the lack of locating lugs on the moulding concerned me so I drilled and glued in a piece of staple (any stiff wire would do) for a more robust attachment.


Also worth mentioning that the Heljan Western used the same detailing kit as the Class 47 - if these MU sockets were of limited use on the latter they were of no use whatsoever on Westerns, so lots of spares out there......!:D

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