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Cab windows for Airfix/Dapol Class 04 diesel kit.

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I am building the above kit, but there is no glazing provided. Is it meant to be part of the kit, or are they all supplied without?


Does anyone produce laser-cut glazing to fit this kit?



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No glazing was ever included with this kit. Not aware that there is laser cut glazing available but for my two motorised versions I used clear plastic from Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes cut and filed to size. A bit fiddly but quite effective.


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21 hours ago, Pierview said:

Both of my Airfix O4 kit motorisations in company with an 03 . A  line up after being fitted with tramway bells! 

(139) 2021-06 - D2292, D2280 & D2398 newly fitted with tramway bells..jpg

Your windows look to be a neat fit. I don't think mine came out quite as good.


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