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RAF Handforth (61MU). Pictures and track diagrams?

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In the 1970s I lived near the site of RAF Handforth, (61 maintenance unit) in Cheshire, and visited frequently. Although completely abandoned by then, there were many remains of a large internal railway system, including much track and a two road loco shed. The site had been served by a connection to the Manchester-Crewe line between Cheadle Hulme and Handforth stations.


I'd really like to know more about this railway system. Can anyone point me to  any references such as a track diagram and/or  photographs of the railway at work?


Many thanks in advance.



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2 minutes ago, PenrithBeacon said:

Unfortunately the NLS maps for the area don't include those of the era. A search for RAF Handforth 61 MU bought up a lot of other info.

I've on there too haha


From the name of one of the roads mentioned on one site, Dairy House Lane, I've got the site as being near to the Total Fitness gym, but it was a dispersed site so it was scattered about.

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Thanks Gents. I've done the usual searches but I haven't come up with any pictures of the railway in use. It was indeed a dispersed site but the railway served (I think) only the largest of the separate parts. The junction with the LMS/BR was on the east side of the line, south of the Stanley Road overbridge.


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There some photographs of this facility in Eddie Johnson's book on Manchester to Crewe part two.

There are a couple of pages of text but without a track plan. 

This is a fantastic book on this line but might be an expensive way for the small amount on this subject.  Perhaps you could order it from your local library. 


Sorry didn't notice your location. Might struggle with the local Library .



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