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Drawings for Matisa 'Neptune' Track Recording Trolley


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Hi All, does anyone perhaps have (or know of a source of) drawings for a Matisa 'Neptune' Track Recording Trolley please. I have managed to find one basic drawing but any others would be a help. 


Many thanks Wayne

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There's plenty of photos on the net, they looked so unusual that they seem to have captured photographers interest.  Roof profiles in particular seem to vary, so I suppose they were subject to modification during their short lives before they got superseded by more advanced technology.  They would make a fascinating project for 3D printing as a static model to sit in a siding.  Would be a challenge to motorise one though.


The only drawing I've seen was also very basic, so I suspect we are talking about the same one - it was in the engineering stock volume of a range of booklets of wagon drawings, which I think is available online somewhere.  There is a survivor, so I suppose one could go and measure up. 



Here's an official publicity clip of one, brand new in two-tone green  Its green buffer heads should be in the prototype for everything thread!


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Thanks Michael - not sure where the drawing came from I found it in a post of a chap making an N Scale one. Mine will be S Scale so hopefully motorising wont be too difficult. Thanks for the video too. 


There is one in Llangollen so I can try get up that way to measure it.



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