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I apologise for the additional advertising intrusion on tablets. I am trying to get the relevant parties to fix the situation. ×

Ads and Gold Status lost

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Hi Phil, I can't check your status on the subs database at the mo so I don't know if anniversary dates or any lapses are part of the issue.


Could you try logging out please and click on the Access all Features banner ad which should then automatically check your RMweb login against the subs database? If you're set up on that system you should then have the features here.


If that doesn't work I'll have to refer it to the office tomorrow.


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4 minutes ago, Harlequin said:

Interesting... That worked and everything is back to normal!


I'm impressed, it's been a long story trying to get the systems to communicate instead of me having to manually check systems. I'm just pleased it works and you were the right sort of Guinea pig. :D

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