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Dugort Harbour

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“How come you’re measuring it?”


”We’re from the Irish Railway Record Society in Dublin, but I’m also planning to make a model of it”.


”Well, lads, it’s as well you’re here - she won’t see 1955 out - next time she’s due a boiler test she’s off to the scrap lines…… Last of the class, y’know, she came here after the Bandon was finished with her….”





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7 hours ago, NoelG said:

Jonathan where did you source the uniformed LLPs? They look great.

My daughter got them when she was working in America! 

I think they came from some company like Woodland Scenics, but can’t be certain….

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Happenings in Dugort Harbour during one day’s train spotting in 1966. 

C201 has brought in the goods, but expired with a strange RMWeb upside-down affliction in the siding, where C230 will rescue her later. Meanwhile B125 retrieves the passenger set from the back loop road for the 11:40 to “town”.





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“Last time we’ll have to load this lot - the railway’s lost this traffic from next week…..”


“Well, my back’s not fit for much more of it anyway….”

“Ye hear yer man at the junction is transferred over to Capwell bus depot?”




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On a sunny early morning in 1966, B141 arrives in Dugort Harbour with the empty stock for the first of only two daily passenger trains to Castletown West.


Here the loco has unhooked and draws forward, and runs round the carriage and van which will form the 08:00.


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“From Kenmare? There’s no parcel from Kenmare among this lot….. hold on…… JIMMY! Those have to go in the goods shed, not the VW……”


”I was told my parcel would come in on this train….”


”Maybe tomorrow it will….they never tell ME anything at the junction…”


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“Ye hear John Mac’s retiring at the end of the month…”


”Yeah, must be the last of the Muskerry  lads - he started at Donoughmore with my dad….”


”There’s still yer man in Glanmire goods - he was on the narrow gauge too…”


”Well, another two years and I’m out too. Started in 1920 on the Cork & Macroom, then when the GSR took over they sent me to Mogeely, and then Buttevant, and now here…..”



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