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Hi all,


does anyone know the type of AWS equipment fitted to first gen. AC emus? Namely, the 304 and 305. I am aware that the latter might have had its original 1960s equipment replaced with more modern standard types upon refurbishment, but the 304s had no such extensive refurbishment.


Any ex-304 drivers able to comment on the location of the AWS horn and bell in the cab, or whether they were standard (sounded any different?). There is a video on YouTube of a 304 cab ride from Wolverhampton to Walsall and the AWS horn is bloody loud, the most jarring I have ever heard! Whereas cab rides of other EMUs don’t have nearly as loud of a warning horn. 


Are there any documents/archives that show the interior of a class 304 in detail? There are photos that show the cab driver desk but I’m more in search of the backhead and ceiling/entry walkway. I do realize that there was a group trying to preserve 304(021 I believe) in the late 90s but vandalising ruined it. Maybe a member of that effort might be worth contacting, but not sure whom. 


On another note, anyone know if the “Cab views 10” DVD has more footage of 304 cab rides? 





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