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One less landmark...

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For those of us who are guards on trains one thing we use is local landmarks we can see through the windows to tell us where we are... One less for those of us who sign Donny to York...




They did Didcot a while ago, I wonder if they'll ever do Willington...

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5 minutes ago, Hobby said:

 I wonder if they'll ever do Willington...


I seem to recall the local press reporting that some of the equipment from Willington went to China for use in a power station there. Plans have been published for the closure and redevelopment of Ratcliffe next to EM Parkway which is scheduled to be the last coal fired station to close. I often drive past on the A453 and it's surprising (to me at least) how quickly the coal pile is used up in cold winter weather. One time a few years ago it was almost empty. 

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Sad in a way. I passed it on Thursday with the North bound tesco and was wondering when they would start demolishing it 

A shame that they will probably all get demolished and none saved to remind us of where power used to come from 

I still think it's wrong to put so much reliance on wind turbines 

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I like the chimney giving two fingers to the greenies !!!!!!!!!!


Great photo of a (sadly) bygone age.


Now where's my old Hornby clockwork trains ?



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