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Flickering TV LED available or Arduino?

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Hi, I will have a row of terraced houses and want to simulate TVs using LEDs (cool white or RGB). I know there are products designed to simulate fireboxes, campfires and similar but I've not seen anything suitable to simulate a TV. Before I start mucking around with Arduino scripts (PWM pins, random intervals, random brightness, all x10 houses), is anyone aware of an existing product? Google isn't being helpful...

Yours hopefully...


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Depending on period, a blue LED* would be better to simulate a black and white TV. The LEDs would only need one or two feeds as the TVs would all be tuned to the same channel. Once VCRs became readily available (say 1990 on) this would no longer be the case. You could even run the LEDs from an actual video signal (audio would probably work.


* Maybe a white and blue LED in parallel as it would have been a pale blue.



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The little battery flickering tea lights you can buy instead of candles are generally “playing” an audio file from a small circuit board for the “random” effect. 

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