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Building an MTK Oxted Unit (Class 207 / 3D)

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Hi all,


Alongside the Bulleid EPBs in the other thread, I'm building this MTK Oxted Unit.  


As both are pretty much standard MTK aluminium / cast kits the construction of both is pretty much identical.  One noticeable difference was that the cast cab ends in this kit were very much poorer than those in the EPB - quite badly pitted with holes right through in some places and half the buffer beam missing.  The cab window frames were a bit misshapen and I also thought the windows were a bit on the small side.


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The basic shape was pretty good though.   I did try for a while to clean it all up, but in the end I decided to remove the window frames altogether to give me a more detail-free surface that could be flattened out much more easily. Fortunately No Nonsense Kits make window frames for a 4-VEP, and a 207 end is very similar minus the corridor connection. I also decided, as the representation of the Multiple Working pipes was somewhat rudimentary, to cut these out too and make new, deeper boxes to which to fit replacement pipework.



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Roof detail was added to the Motor Coach just using some plastikard and .7mm brass rod.  The exhaust pipe was something I found in my misc. castings box - no idea what it was originally supposed to be :)


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Thanks John.  I always think that the cab ends are a particularly important part of a multiple unit and it's worth the effort of making them as good as possible - the face has to look right.  In the case of a 207 there's very little detail on the ends which makes it very much easier.


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The 207 is pretty much finished now.  There's a little bit more to do - I'll add a cab interior and maybe some lights, and I may redo the saloon glazing as it hasn't adhered that well and has started to pop away from the sides.


I actually fitted this with a sound chip - there was plenty of room inside for a big speaker, and this is situated under the roof grille above the engine room, so that lets the sound out nicely.  Has anyone else fitted sound to an MTK model?


As MTK kits go this one was pretty poor, but I'm happy with the final result.


The Bulleid EPBs are done too (other thread) - so I'm back to the 4-DD next.

1319 800 1.jpg

1319 800 2.jpg

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