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Hello from El Paso, Texas


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Texas greetings. Located on the Mexican border, El Paso is much like the Australian Outback, just not as nice.  My interest in model rail started as soon as I saw a dog freight on the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo, whilst growing up there. In 1966 I received a wind up Wrenn OO set, and having still a surviving piece, a Golliwog van, and the life long fascination began. 


To cut to the chase, I have a great interest in micro layouts, any scale, any nation. I was drawn to RM Web when I first noticed the brand new Micro Model Railway magazine, which is somehow authored under the umbrella of RM Web, which is turning out to be a rather extraordinary enterprise; so much to discover. However, I'd really like to know how one might contribute to MMR. I emailed the attached address of the editor, but have not heard back. In the meantime, I will endeavor to start chopping through the amazing micro layout stuff I've seen in RM Web. If anyone has any insight into how to gain more access to MMR, apparently associated with RM Web, I'd be grateful.


In brief, I regard model railroading as a form of folk art. The common denominator is one of nostalgia, and we are all trying to recreate a memory, typically centered on trains. My wife once remarked, that if we are created in His image (sorry, no more religious blather), then by definition we are mini-creators. It is this desire to create that drives model rail. 



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Hi there, @Chops, welcome on board.  I think the magazine/ publication you’re referring to may be Ian Holmes’ new Digest, which has been written about on the Boxfiles, Micro layouts and Dioramas Forum, but is an independent initiative not connected to the publishers who are associated with RMweb (to avoid confusion).

@Ian Holmes is based Stateside, so depending on what time you may have emailed him may determine when he’s able to respond (I’ve found I get a nice reply within a couple of days).


I hope you’ll find a lot of inspiration and encouragement here, and I know the Micro-Layout Forum has really helped me get beyond dreaming, planning and collecting, and into modelling (despite several well documented false starts).  Keith.

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Thank you, Kieth. Yes, that would be correct. As far as "false starts," as Bart Simpson said, "The road to failure is begun by a single step." I am constantly reinventing my various projects. Desert to New England, Britain to the Soviet Union, my imagination circles about like a fruit fly. Micro layouts help keep my sundry ambitions in check. To a degree. This site, only discovered by happenstance, appears to be a trove unlike any other I've seen in recent years. It might prove dangerous to my time and wallet. 

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