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Adding a shuttle timer


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Another question from me.


I am building a tuning fork layout and I know shunting will be limited but I would also like to add a shuttle timer. So the question is how  can i flick between manual or automatic operation?. I assume I would need some sort of switch, A diagram would be most useful please. I am using 1 LH point.


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Yes you can - I have a DC tram shuttle to supplement my DCC train layout and this operates using a GM SS1 auto-shuttle, which is controlled by a switch that sets auto or manual from the same DC controller. I can’t recall the wiring diagram off hand but will make a note of how I did it when next ‘under the boards’.

Edit to add rough sketch diagram, which uses a twin channel controller.


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May not be obvious but when under manual control you use the controller to start-stop and reverse direction. Under auto control you set the direction and speed initially and the shuttle looks after fwd-rev from there.

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