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Skills Week


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Brush up your modelling skills with World of Railways Skills Week

A week-long event that starts next week is to be hosted at www.world-of-railways.co.uk, which will come jam-packed with best practice advice, video demonstrations and step-by-step guides.

The free-to-attend online event kicks off on September 20th and runs until Friday, September 24th, with a different theme on offer each day, covering all major modelling topics including trackwork, weathering, scenery and layout control.

Each day will also showcase a couple of layouts previously featured in BRM Magazine, which will provide extra inspiration for any would-be modeller.

Whether you’re new to railway modelling, or looking to hone your skills, they’ll be something on offer for everyone.

Day 1 – Monday September 20th: Getting to grips with track

Day 2 – Tuesday September 21st: Setting the scene

Day 3 – Wednesday September 22nd: Layout control

Day 4 – Thursday September 23rd: Adding detail

Day 5 – Friday September 24th: Rolling stock

On the Monday, you can expect practical videos and step-by-step guides on all things track related from ballasting, track cleaning and basic wiring, to laying track and soldering techniques.

On day two, scenery takes centre stage, offering practical advice on a whole range of areas like ‘planting’ trees, applying grass, kit building and modelling water.

If DCC is still a sticking point on your layout, then Wednesday is the day to visit, with video demonstrations and advice from the experts.

Thursday is all about adding the detail, whether that be filling an awkward corner on your layout with a cameo scene, creating eye-catching structures, or weathering buildings.

Finally, Friday concentrates on adapting and enhancing your rolling stock, covering basic weathering, kit building, renumbering and more.

It’s a week not to be missed. If you haven’t done so already, pop the date in your diary and sign up to our weekly newsletter to get regular updates.


Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting details of the World of Railways Skills Week soon!




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Now that many of us have read the write-ups - seen the videos - what have we taken away from them?


Have they got us thinking about new things we might be able to do - or new methods to try?


Also, how many of us have different ways of doing things - that we'd be happy to share, in a positive way?



For example, when I saw Howard demonstrating brush stippling "stonework" on a model station building, I was struck by how effective this looked. However, this struck me as tedious (perhaps maddening) to do - and I wondered if dabbing paint on using a small foam brush (like those sold by Asda etc in kids' craft sets) might be a lot quicker.


Meanwhile, Phil's video - showing the use of a servomotor and servo tester to operate a level crossing gate - got me wondering if it might be possible to use similar gear to operate a transfer table (albeit one with rather more travel than the gate). If I were to try this, I suspect that I'd need to do something about the gearing and travel limits for the servomotor. I wouldn't hold your breath ... .


Anyway, that's enough from me for now. What have you taken away from the skills week?




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