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Modern O Gauge DMU’s


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I’m not sure if this the right place for this to go, so here goes.  I have a friend who’s getting back into modelling and is really taken with modern O gauge that’s available or announced, especially the Dapol Class 66.


He asked if there are any plans for someone to produce a modern DMU, such as a Pacer, 153, 156 or 158?  I said that as far as DMU’s go, the only one I really know about is Heljan’s 121 and 117 models and Dapol’s 121 and 122’s.


Does anyone think if one of the big O gauge players would ever consider doing say a Pacer or 153?

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You might have been better off posting this in the 7mm section!!


Pete Besant or PRMRP Does 142/144/144 pacers:




Peter Clark does 150/1, 150/2, 156. 158. 159. 165, 170, 171 plus a selection of EMU's & DEMU's, I am sure he had a Voyager listed at one point. The 220/221 Voyagers are listed under DEMU's for some reason! The 156 is a WIP and not complete as yet, but it looks a nice kit. I have one to build.


Peter Clark Kits


I also put this page together for anything Modern Image but it does need updating:


Modern Image Rolling Stock List

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