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Merchant Navy Steam Loco 35028 “Clan Line” passing through Broadstairs 15/09/21

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My first close encounter with a stream train!  I really wish that my local council/media would publicise events such as this, I only found out by chance that this train was on its way to Margate after it had already arrived!  Luckily it had a layover at Margate Station for a couple of hours, so I high-tailed it to Broadstairs to catch a glimpse as it trundled through.  There was a comic moment when a scheduled service arrived at platform 2 at precisely the time that this steam train was due - several serious train spotters and photographers (who had set up camp in the "best" spot) were seen to have a blue fit!  Luckily the scheduled train departed (seconds) before this glorious loco passed through Broadstairs Station.  A great experience - being on the footbridge and enveloped in the steam and smoke as the bridge shook was wonderful!  I captured it's visit in a short video and the above is a screenshot.  If anyone knows of a database of steam train movement, please share it here...?


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