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Phil Parker

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On 20/10/2021 at 18:03, BMS said:

Surely steam coming out of the chimney from a steam engine is what the chimney is there for??

And some smoke ( apart from steam sanders, steam cocks) steam (and smoke) from anywhere ekse is a sign of inferior potential performance.

I was quite impressed by the Hornby display - it would be interesting to know how they do it - they've been there before with chuffs in the 70's I think

Have to say I was impressed by the prototype loco demonstrated on the programme.  Personally not really one for steam and smoke on models, neither really sound on steam locos.  For a couple of years I was involved in a yahoogroup who were very pro sound on model trains.  DCC sound on diesels and electrics can work very well but steam doesn't cut it for me at all.  This is mostly because the steam loco can change it's character depending on who is controlling it.   

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On 23/10/2021 at 18:02, RJS1977 said:


The technology to make the scoop work would be relatively simple - it could be made to raise and lower in a similar way to the old giraffe wagon.

Unfortunatly, water, does not "scale".

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