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Dapol Delay notice


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44 minutes ago, birdseyecircus said:

Dapol just posted this about investing in UK production.



As someone who's always worked in tooling and manufacturing environments, mostly in the UK, it gives me a nice warm feeling inside to read Dapol's post there.  I wish them all the best of luck with it all.

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On 21/10/2021 at 18:17, Kris said:

This is a very positive move and hopefully they will continue to expand their UK production.

I would be delighted to see them do just that, though I realise that there are many products that, primarily because of complexity and therefore labour cost, just can't be made here if we want to buy them at anything less than what most would perceive as an extortionate price.


I was delighted to see a few years back that a plastics moulding company near to us in Newhaven had got the contract to produce the Airfix 'Quickbuild' kits; however I think they've now gone abroad again, I believe back to India this time.


Pete T.


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I have an idea that companies like Dapol, Peco, etc, have positively contributed quite a bit during these lockdown times. The retained ability to produce things (not just toy trains ) is significant. Good for them, I say. 


No, it's not political; just good business sense.




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