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How can you model tableware, food, glass, cup etc?

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Dear all, I am trying to find ways to model tableware, glasses, cups, food etc for cafe and dining coach in 4mm scale. I know prieser does do some but unfortunately they are out stock in most places I have tried. Any ideas 

Thanks Mike 

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As cutlery & crockery will be tiny in 4mm, you could try finding a suitable place setting by searching Google images (or similar search engines) for 'place setting'. That could give you the flatish items like cutlery and plates. If you can manipulate them in Paint or Photoshop, you could create a whole table top with two or four settings. The cups and glasses might come from small beads. Some craft stores have pick and mix bead sections. You could carefully slice the appropriate size white or clear plastic rod or use a multi head leather punch to make discs from white card.

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