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GWR County Tank

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I was trawling through a box of old RTR chassis on Thursday and in it there was an old brass bar type chassis (similar to an Eames/Jamieson) for a 4-4-2 loco, I am having a slow clear out and was deciding what to do with the chassis 




Initial thoughts was to find out what chassis it is and as I have no use for it to sell it on, I had no idea if it is a tank or tender loco


First thoughts was either a GNR or SR Atlantic tender loco, but its the wrong size, what about a large SR Tank loco, well cylinders rule out several, I looked at LBSCR ones first then at some LSWR without any luck. Then the penny dtopped




I looked at the crosshead on the other side and bingo, its a GWR loco, first thoughts was it was for one of the compounds, but no. Then the next candidate was a County Tank and it fits


To cut a long and boring story short, Could I kit bash something, was it possible to fit a Wills 61xx on to it, well there are the odd differences, mainly the size of the rear bunker, but all I need is a cheap, Airfix/Dapol body to practise on first, cutting down the top of the chassis to fit the footplate and remove the X03 motor fittings, I may even have a cast Jamieson/Eames/W&H piston casting in my spares box

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