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Bachmann B1

paul 27

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 I was refering to the split chassis versions, i have the DCC ready one

with the revised chassis, i would have thought there would be a

slight modifcation for the body to fit, the models i was looking at

are   31 - 708  and  31 - 713  Gazelle is the later model the same

just a re release.

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Also, the earliest split chassis B1s (mainly if not entirely consisting of the ones marketed by Replica Railways but made by Bachmann with 'Bachmann' lettering on the keeper plate underneath) have a ring field motor in a large white plastic case, whereas later Bachmann split chassis B1s have a more orthodox motor, either a can or an open frame, I can't remember which.  The ring field motored versions are by and large much noisier, probably not surprisingly.


Pete T.


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