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DMUs and lack of decent Metro Cammell

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I only really need another couple of Metro Cam DMUs to complete what I need compared to want.


So looking at them and it looks difficult.


Triang cheap but too short, too much work.

DC Kits - can't find anymore

Lima - really holding prices for something which would get painted, also still needs work, also very few for sale.

Bachmann - only one vehicle done of use, except for one 101 set I need of zero, also looks odd. Even if not odd would require 5 packs to do 2 sets.


Scratch build, may be only option, how accurate are Triang cabs?

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I have a DC kits 101 lying around that is unlikely to get built. 


I'll have to search for it. Haven't seen it for a quite while. 


If I can find it, I'm open to offers. 



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I'm going for Lima/Hornby Met Cams as the overall shape is right and three bodystyles are available.


The main issue with the Lima moulding is the cab front screens and destination box are the wrong size. Shawplan now do an etch for these based on measurements I took at Grosmont a few years back. The underframe details are mainly correct on the power cars so all is needed is to remove the infill between the bits that should be there and boxing in the remnants with plastikard. The unpowered underframe is nearly there but the dodgy bits can easily be replaced.

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3 hours ago, JohnR said:

Lima 101s seem to be going for silly prices on eBay at the moment. 


I thought the Bachmann one looked wrong plus not WR suitable.


No DMCL, no TCL, no TBSL.


pity I was broke when Lima were current

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