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Radio Control for Model Railways (Trains, Cranes and Automobiles)


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I'm pleased to say that the book I've been writing has finally been published by Wild Swan. It's more of my workshop diary than anything I suppose, and many of the models will be familiar to people here, although not necessarily the detail, and certainly not in one place. The book is more focussed towards the conversion of vehicles,  cranes and such to work on model railways,  rather than converting stock locomotives - but does include a section on locomotives, and my own scratch-built RC locos.




It will be of interest to some, though certainly not all, and of course is a constantly developing area.....




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I was watching a running session of a North American layout last night, one of his locos didn't have capacitors and you could see the difference it made when dealing with less than perfectly clean track.


To me having on board power and not being dependent on wiring for controlling the actual locomotives looks like the next natural step, you can still use your plain track perhaps to charge the batteries but that is all you would really want wiring on the track for.


Pity I'm in N, I guess that is the scale that would probably benefit most but be hardest to do it on.

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