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54 minutes ago, roundhouse said:

I notice that you are using this on narrow gauge locos. Will it work on standard gauge ones aswell?:dirol_mini:


It is being demonstrated on a standard gauge loco in some of the photos. Please double check your pedantry before commenting ;) 

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There's a lot of laughing reactions to this incredibly useful and serious product! 


Of course, a 'proper' modeller wouldn't need one as they can spot such errors from a scale mile away!  Hopefully there will be an armchair adjustment tool coming soon too, but make sure there are errors in there so there's something to complain about!  




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As you may be aware, our etching supplier has suspended production during the Coronavirus lockdown so our popular custom etched plate service has stalled. However from time to time we end up with duplicate sheets of nameplates; either because the same artwork has been etched on different materials, or to correct a production error.


So while new production is on hold we've had a dig in the cupboard and sorted out all the "spares", which are now listed on our website at reduced prices. Smaller scale nameplates are priced at £2.50 per pair, large scale £5 per pair. Generally there is only one pair of anything!




If you're waiting on a custom order and see something here that will do the job just as well, please feel free to order it and then contact us (preferably at [email protected]) with details of the custom item(s) to cancel - we will handle this asap.


Hopefully custom production will resume in the near future.

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For a while now, we've felt it’s been getting harder to distinguish between “Narrow Planet”, the range of kits in 009 narrow gauge, the “Narrow Planet” custom etch service, and “Narrow Planet” the online marketplace that hosts a growing range of model railway products for many scales and gauges.


From the start, our aim was to support other specialist model railway producers by creating a well-designed online store that could offer a channel to sell and promote their wares without the cost and hassle of setting up their own website. You only need to glance over our current homepage to see how many producers are now stocked, with many customers buying from several complementary ranges in the same transaction.


With everything 2020 has thrown at us, we felt it was time to seize the moment and move forward by creating a refreshed website that stands alone - ensuring that the Narrow Planet range and our partners are given equal billing.


So in the next couple of weeks you will see the Narrow Planet online marketplace change to become Light Railway Stores, at www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk (the old address will still work too) and if you previously registered an account with us it should move across seamlessly. Then in early 2021 we’ll reintroduce our popular custom etching service, with additional options and features in the works.


We’re also on the look out for more producers to join our marketplace, with a range of options in how we’ll stock and sell models, and we’ll have more details soon on how to get in touch if you know someone who might be interested in coming aboard.


Until then it just remains for us to say thank you to all of our customers and partners who have stuck with us through what has been a challenging year for everyone, to wish you a peaceful, safe and happy Christmas - however you’ll be spending it - and we look forward to welcoming to you to our new store in the new year!

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It's back! The Narrow Planet Custom Nameplate Studio is online again, with a bit of an upgrade...




(click on the above for a video) 


This has been on the to-do list for longer than I care to admit, but there is now a live preview of your nameplates (on most styles) complete with estimated dimensions as you enter text. Over time we'll add this to number plates and works plates as well so you can be confident you're getting what you expected before you order.


For a limited time you can get 30% off all custom etched items with the code WEWANTPLATES at checkout.


I should also note that, while our etching supplier is currently operating, lead times are still expected to be a bit longer due to their social distancing measures and of course there is still a risk that production may have to be paused again. Hopefully with the new live preview and other automation methods we're working on, the time orders spend in the production queue before they're etched can be reduced - more on this soon!




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Light Railway Stores is on the move! We're filling our box cars and shifting everything to new, larger premises as our business grows.

While our online marketplace will remain open, we will be pausing order dispatch until the week commencing 8th March.

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