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Hatfield : Part the Second


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Work inches forward.


Including the measures to protect electronics from atmosphere : -)  - am nearish the coast - and the evil long ladder of multiple slips on the North end of the station


There's a prize (of kudos) for the person who guesses what the kitchen skewers are for


















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Last year the goal was to get a train running on one track in a full "circle" by Christmas


Mission failed.


Partly due to Real Life but also as a significant result of the upper boards warping. You may recall the lower boards are 50mm or 100mm extruded polystyrene and that's really never going anywhere.


The upper level boards that traverse over most of the storage area need to be much thinner and are marine ply reinforced with aluminium channel. The channel is there to provide some rigidity but it was a big mistake to believe that I could glue aluminium channel to wood.


The channel - esp Alu - changes shape with heat and the wood changes shape with moisture. I'm in Perth Western Australia and it was 37C today. Much more in the loft space. I have had to spend a long time removing the channel (the only upside is that the Gorilla glue was also quite useless) and re-affixing with screws that should provide clamp but give.


Below are various pics showing :

- warped boards

- repaired boards

- new blanking plate file I'm using to cover point wiring (print on printer, cut out marked holes, spray with primer for some rigidity)

- upper level in position and track located - Hatfield station exit to left hand side and notional Welwyn shunt location and 6 track to 2 track narrowing ahead of viaduct to the right hand side


Trains now run though the station, its southern approach and the storage yards; also the viaduct albeit not continuously with the rest.  Just the upper loop between the north of the station and the viaduct approach and a train can run the whole way round


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