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Prototype Deltic DP1

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Again flying pig thats great. Thank you.


The cab interior hmmm is that a very light duck egg green? I now will change some of my lighting so all 4 whites are fully independent of each other and replace the farish LEDs with DCC Concepts prototype white "nano lights" to bring them more in line with that video. I didnt think of that.... independent lighting. I am unsure if I will put working oil lamps on it at this stage. I have plenty of functions(8)so thats not an issue.


Also got sorted out the uniforms for the drivers and its 2 so that video has answered so many questions. I assume Sam the guy in the black or very dark navy blue was the "co-driver". Interesting that the Deltic had to stop to fill up with water.


Thank you flying pig I will put up a couple of pics and video, when finished, you can tell me if Im close to the right sound. I have a unique plan for the delayed sound for the second engine....we shall see and for keeping both engines ever so slightly out of sync.



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Despite modelling in N for 20 years, I've gone ahead and bought my first train set! £85 for the loco from the shop at Haworth on KWVR, or for an extra £24 get 2 coaches as well. No contest really. What I didn't realise was included was an etch Merseyside Express headboard. Very nice touch! Loco runs like a dream, though I'm not keen on the lights. I think I'll remove them when I get a chance.

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If the lights are wired the same way as those in the new Cl.37 then you should be able to disable them by folding a small piece of paper and slipping it between the contacts that connect the chassis 'wiring' to the body. Very simple, effective and completely reversible (should you come to sell it at a future date).

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