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We've all come a long way since "dirty turps" on Humbrol enamels (see sig below) - well apart from me because I have been "elsewhere" building fast cars in 12" to the foot scale. (I finished my pot of GWR grey Humbrol Authentic Rail Colour last night............still good in the pot after 30 years!)


I have been busy loading wagons with coal and planks, and even real iron filings, and have discovered "soot spray" which is fantastic compared to the old turps method.


Please can someone explain how to "drybrush". My oil tankers are looking too clean as are the wooden minerals.



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Drybrushing is very easy. All you need is an old brush (it will destroy any new brush so pick an old tatty one). Put a small dob of paint onto a palette (you use hardly any paint to do this) and then pick up a very small amount on the tip of the brush. Now wipe it all off on to the palette. Now wipe the brush on a piece of kitchen paper, you should see that it leaves a very light trace of paint on the paper. If doesn't keep wiping until you only get a very faint trace of paint. Now apply to your model. Apply the paint in rapid random flicking motions moving very quickly over the model until the effect you are after has been achieved. Try to make the brush to model contact is as light as possible, tickle the model! The usual technique is to build up very gradually with lighter and lighter shades of the colour you are working on until the final highlight is done with pure white onto the absolute edges of the model.

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