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Hello, one and all. I found this site last night at work, trawling on the Network Rail intranet forum and spent the rest of the quiet bits of the nightshift browsing (from which you'll have gathered that I play trains for a living- signalman for the last 19 years, mostly traditional but now computerised SSI). I'm into all aspects of railways; main line, branch, light, tram, narrow gauge or industrial, any era, any motive power, and any company or even country. I've done a fair bit of travelling in the last few years in search of narrow gauge and steam activity in Eastern Europe (though getting married last year put a dent in the gricing and modelling budgets). Modelwise, my own line is 16mm scale narrow gauge in the garden, using live steam, though I also occasionally participate in the "by the rulebook" operation of a friend's coarse-scale O gauge layout. Apart from the live steam, my specialist interests are prototypical signalling (naturally) and operating practice (currently working on adapting an American style car-card & waybill freight forwarding system for my line). Well, that's the introduction done. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off outside to steam a loco to push my working snowplough around the railway before all that lovely white stuff melts!

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Hi Tommy,


welcome, it's always good to have more signalling people on board, do you work in Lincoln box then ?


Don't forget to keep that distant at caution and get to know people and their knowledge, there are several of us who have a very good knowledge of signalling and have helped people for many years, we have a way of dealing with queries, slowly but surely, which has worked well. I'm sure you will be keen to adopt the same approach so we all work together rather than against each other.

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Welcome to the forum Tommy, the opinion of a knowledgeable professional is always valuable.....


Like the sound of the 16mm setup... Very nice.. Roundhouse engines perhaps???



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