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Welcome to the UK Standard Gauge Industrial Railway section!

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Following some sensible lobbying I'm pleased to provide a forum area dedicated to UK Std Gauge Industrial Railway modelling and prototype information.


If you have any existing topics you wish to have moved into this area please reply to this topic with a link to the topic you wish to move and I'll take care of it for you.

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Thanks for the new section, Andy. I'm looking forward to a few more industrial layouts coming out of the woodwork but to kick things off, please move my Bury. Thorn & Sons layout topic in here. Link below (in sig).



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Thanks very much. There are many photographs in my collections taken at industrial sites, but here are some collections which are of industrial subjects


Cardiff - Allied Steel and Wire - internal user wagons - 34 photographs



Hawthorn Colliery, NCB, wagons, locos – 41 photographs



"Longbridge BL internal wagons" (C#1300907) – 28 photographs



"Longbridge British Leyland Railway" (C#1300087) 23 photographs



Ravenscraig, internal wagons, locos, scenes – 53 photographs



Stocksbridge UES - Ingot Mould flat wagons internal use - 17 photographs



Stocksbridge UES - 'Panzer' internal user wagon - 8 photographs



Stocksbridge UES - Ingot Mould Pencil mould internal wagons - 11 photographs



Workington - Internal user wagons at steel works and dock - 12 photographs



Oil refineries, terminals, other tank charging. Locos" (C#1231982) – 65 photographs



"Swansea Marcroft works Locos etc." (C#1254149) – 7 photographs



"Wagon details - PO mineral" (C#699028) – 8 photographs



0-6-0 Drewery shunters at Willington Power station – 3 photographs



"Wagon Tippler at Grimethorpe Coalite" (C#1388565) – 6 photographs



Sad to consider how few of these exist now.


Paul Bartlett

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Hi Andy,


Please can you move my latest box file layout over to this section ?


The link is http://www.rmweb.co....__1#entry279408


I think it fits within the category, - it's based on a small, ficticious factory, based somewhere in the UK at some time in the recent-ish past...






Gosh, that was quick - thanks !

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A very welcome development, I'll dig out my ironstone railway links and add these to the thread in due course.


A couple to be going on with :




http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157614734840415/with/3328513425/



Ironstone around the Midlands


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157620228092969/with/3805218688/

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