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Bradfield, Gloucester Square BR 1962 ish


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Welcome to RMweb,


Great looking layout, I do like a nice terminus.:D Although I model the BR blue period I do like green diesels and that Peaks looks superb nice and dirty.



Cheers Peter.

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I like it when a new layout is presented using not-so-expected methods of construction. I really like the way the end posts for the fascia seem to slot down into pockets, the lighting rig and the use of a centre post which cantilevers over the layout to support the fascia. Good ideas to think about when making any new layout of my own.





I assume the station will get an overall roof? What is the track gauge? Nice track by the way. I am assuming there are three boards? Two longer boards at each end?





So many questions!!!!



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Have you got any detialed shots or drawings of the baseboard design and legs?



This shot should give an idea of the legs and board construction. I don't have any drawings but the sides and diagonals are 100mm deep. Three boards, two at 1.7M and the centre one 1.2M.


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Thanks for all the replies, comments and questions. Thought I would try and answer them all in one reply and add some pics of progress on the bridges and retaining walls.


First the questions:- Track gauge is 16.5mm with 14.5mm back to back. All hand made points of soldered copperclad construction with SMP plain track. Regarding the buildings being "mouldings", they are all constructed from plasticard with appropriate embossed sheet. The station will get an overall roof of "Warren" or "Pratt" truss construction, typical of a lot of Midland Railway construction.


Think that answers all the questions but please do fire away with any more. Now the interesting bit,


From the bridge over the carriage sidings


The station with the new road over bridge, a skew plate girder on a rising gradient. This is a shortened copy of the one outside Forster Sq Stn.


A DMU arrives from Ilkley past my new arches.


D48 awaits the right away with a semi fast for Leeds and York.


Just to show I have something other than Peaks. D325 waits for clearance to proceed light engine to the shed having brought in a stopper from Carlisle.

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A couple of Black 5s wouldn't go amiss.





I have four Hornby Black Fives along with several other suitable steam classes but unfortunately they do not as yet come up to the standard I set myself for running and reliability but I am working on it.


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Great looking trackwork, just shows how effect finescale 16.5 can look well made and laid.

If the weathering of the locos and the unpainted buildings are anything to go by, then the 'finished' layout will look very impressive!

I can imagine they will be plenty of operational interest.


As others have previously mentioned, the facia looks very impressive.


Look forward to seeing more.

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